Aerial view of construction on the Gasworks

What are we doing

We are delivering 48 flats for homeless families with on-site support provision.

No going back’ was the challenge from Welsh Government in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic: – Implement a sustainable and long-term strategy for homelessness provision to ensure that homeless people do not need to return to the streets.

We are truly responding to this challenge! Our newly named development ‘Hafan’, a Welsh translation of ‘Haven’ and will provide a safe haven for homeless families in Cardiff. We will be delivering 48 flats, a community facility building and separate office for staff to provide on-site support to residents.

Using the Beattie Passive demountable House4 modular system, we are able to swiftly deliver a fully demountable development capable of being relocated elsewhere as and when required. Fully certified to a Passivhaus and a Net-Zero Carbon standard.

The site will provide the following:

  • 24 x 3-bed apartments, 12 x 2-bed apartments and 12 x 1-bed apartments.
  • Three of the ground floor apartments will be partially accessible and one ground floor apartment will be fully accessible.
  • A community building that will provide training, education and creche facilities.
  • A staff office with 24/7 support and security.
  • All buildings will be certified Passivhaus and Net-Zero Carbon Standard.
  • All residential blocks will have individual courtyards, drying facilities and cycle storage.
  • Rain gardens for sustainable drainage.
  • New road, kerbs and on-site car parking.

As part of a wider response to the Covid-19 Pandemic and in order to quickly deliver an urgent family homelessness scheme, emergency planning consent was granted for 18 months and a contract awarded to Beattie Passive for their off-site modular system. Beattie Passive performing the role of main contractor to deliver the whole project on behalf of the council. A further planning application will be submitted seeking a 5 year temporary use of the site.

As well as family flats the scheme also delivers a Community Building that will provide a hub for training, education and support to the residents including a creche for toddlers. Residents will be able to attend sessions with trained staff for parenting skills, cookery, Into work and money advice services.
The site will be a platform for residents to learn and grow in confidence to move into permanent accommodation.
This also ensures an otherwise vacant site is used in the short-term whilst the redevelopment of the site for housing is designed and submitted for planning.

48 DQR compliant residential units across 3 blocks, incorporating a community building and separate office.
The units will consist of:

• 24 x 3-bed apartments
• 12 x 2-bed apartments
• 12 x 1-bed apartments.

Three of the apartments will be partially accessible and one apartment will be fully accessible.
The scheme will provide vital self-contained temporary homelessness accommodation with 24/7 onsite support.

The scheme will be the first demountable residential zero carbon / passivhaus standard development in Europe. All units on site will benefit from renewable energy sourced from Photovoltaic panels and air source heat pumps as well as incorporating a high performing building fabric, reducing heating & power bills for tenants and reducing carbon emissions.

Current Status

In order to quickly deliver an urgent family homelessness scheme, emergency planning consent was granted for 18 months. However, we are in the process of applying for a 5-year temporary planning permission to extent the stay on the site.

Work commenced on site in March 2021, and we anticipate the scheme will be completed in May 2022.

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